Sinemia Founder/CEO Surprised By Extent of App’s Problems and User Backlash

Sinemia, the subscription ticketing service that has been billed as an alternative to MoviePass, has had a rough two weeks. While its app prevented many users in the U.S. from buying tickets the weekend of March 23 (“Us” opening), even more furious customers whose subscriptions were cancelled due to accusations of fraud have taken to Reddit […]

The Lion King Movie Review

If you never once saw the original, this would definitely mean a lot more to people… Based on the 1994 animated movie, ‘The Lion King’ tells the story of the lion cub Simba (Donald Glover, JD McCrary) who flees his home after his father Mufasa (James Earl Jones) dies at the hands of Scar (Chiwetel […]

ISP BT Sees 40% Increase in Internet Traffic from Fortnite Season 10

A bit of pre-weekend fun. BT have informed us that customers on their retail broadband ISP network in the UK, specifically those video gamers downloading the Fortnite Season 10 update, have helped to create a 40% increase in internet traffic over normal holiday activity (recorded at 9am yesterday). This spike in traffic depicted below is compared to […]

Endgame Fans Discover Another Original Avengers Callback Easter Egg

The Russo Brothers set Avengers: Endgame up with a lot of references to the past. Some of the references are easy to pick up on, but others are so subtle that they fall into the Easter Egg category, like this newly discovered scene. As it turns out, the epic battle at the conclusion of the movie between […]